About the ITEST Project!

This project tries to bring new ways of building, teaching, and programming robots into middle and high schools, using telepresence and human-centered robotics to reach students that wouldn’t normally be excited by robots.  We use a problem-based learning approach, where students use robots to solve real-world problems like guiding a new student around their school. Unlike FIRST robotics, we’re trying to get robots out of the arena and into the world to interact with people.

Our robotics and curriculum information is cataloged at our wiki.

This project is paid for by NSF Award DRL-1433841, 2014–2017, and is officially called “ITEST-Strategies: Human-Centered Robotics Experiences for Exploring Engineering, Computer Science, and Society”.  It’s a collaboration between University of Alaska Fairbanks engineers and Indiana University Bloomington researchers in education and robotics.

It builds on the robotics technology we developed for our CYBER-Alaska project, and our team entry in the NASA Robotic Mining Competition.